Sunday, November 4, 2012

Wonderful welcome

We got to the school compound in Nuapapu and my principal greeted us and showed us to our house. When we went in he said he was worried we wouldn't like our bedroom and asked us to go look at it. As I opened the door all my students were hiding in the room and came out screaming and hugging and laughing. It was so awesome and I definitely teared up.

Then the students all introduced themselves, and performed some songs and sitting dances.

I'm either wiping off some tears, or some sweat. ( all these pictures are in our house FYI)

She is sweet and mild, and definitely said she wanted to be a soldier when she grows up. Haha!

A yummy lunch full of vegetables! We were pleasantly surprised to get a salad and grilled chicken with veggies-one of our best Tongan meals so far!

Sitting dance

Can't wait to get to know my students-20 in the entire school!

- Lisi

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