Thursday, December 30, 2010

I am home. I am in the process of packing up christmas decorations, and finishing up the few straggling christmas cards...eww.

I'm so sad the christmas season is over. The snow is just now falling..and I desperately want this vacation to last forever.

Home was....excellent. Sometimes I forget all the amazing memories I have stored up on Newington street, staring back at me from those bread bowls on the wharf, in my touching and captivating church, in the people and places I grew so much in. It was fun to go and rediscover them with my dearest loved ones. It was fun to go through the "red box" and talk about our family secrets. It was fun to make new family secrets-like Colorado Bulldogs. It was just fun! =)

Now a new year is upon start, new beginning, new amazing grace. What goals will I set for myself? What will I do with this "new"?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sometimes asking big questions is just what a soul needs.

Who is God? What does it mean to now him? What does it mean to be in his presence and not?

I don't have to know all the answers to thoroughly enjoy the conversation. A reminder that there is more to life than what it seems, and He is behind it all. Nothing bigger than that, nothing more.

A good small group. Good to be intentional again. Good to be a little out of our league. Good to see Mark connect with someone in a way I struggle to connect with him. Just...good.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Here's to

~putting up Christmas trees, where every ornament shares a story only my love and I can tell.

~new babies, not mine, but someone so near and dear to me. I have been waiting and hoping, and only my sister's pregnancy could make me more excited.

~blogs, reading other's reminds me of who I want to be, the secret dreams I dream snuggled in my bed, and the outright ridiculousness of people. =)

~opportunity, we have so much, and I oftentimes take it for granted. Don't waste it, please share it.

~ christmas cards, gimme gimme gimme! =)

Love and cheer,