Saturday, November 10, 2012

Officially volunteers!

Mark and I are official Peace Corps Volunteers! We were sworn in on Friday at a wonderful ceremony!

The Prime Minister of Tonga and the U.S. Ambassador were the guests of honor at our ceremony, and both gave wonderful speeches.

Mark sang "Stand By Me" with a fellow volunteer, Micheal, and did a wonderful job!

I read a hymn, and mostly pronounced every word right. :)

(me receiving my pin from the prime minister)

Mandy, Katy, and Joey performed a traditional Tongan dance!

(During a Tau'olunga it is expected the "audience" will put money on the performers...that's what we are all doing.)

Tynesha also performed a Tau'olunga, she did great!

All of us swearing in

Don't we look fancy!!

The boys

Beautiful Chiara!

Fatumu forever!

Ryan and Abby

Sean (our volunteer leader) and Jason (a volunteer from group 76)

*all these pictures, and most from our blog, have been taken by Mandy. Thank you Mandy for taking so many great pictures at all these memorable events, and thanks bunches for letting us steal them!!

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  1. I think it's amazing that the Prime Minister and the US Ambassador were there for your swearing in. Great memories for you!