Saturday, November 10, 2012

Magic Portal

Earlier this week at language class, during an especially long tea time, Mandy (in typical Mandy fashion), suddenly exclaimed (while pointing to the only spot on Tulu's walls NOT covered with language posters), "that is a magic portal! It will open for 30 seconds, and you can be given any one thing from America-what is it? You have 10 seconds to answer."

My first thought was a hug from my parents, they are what I miss most, but upon second thought, that would make things worse, and without any long lasting effect, be kind of a waste (love you mom and dad!).

Then I thought, well, I wish we had our laptop...but I can totally live without it....and maybe mom and dad will bring that in June, and besides, we don't currently have Internet, so that satisfies nothing in this moment.

And then it came to me.

Shish Kabobs. I know you all understand. My absolute favorite meal in the world is Shish kabobs. Onions, chicken, peppers, pineapple, grilled to perfection. Throw in some grilled corn on the cob, a spinach and strawberry salad, and a humongous glass of sangria and....that is perfection.

Fast forward to today, my birthday. Mark, Mandy , and I were walking through the garage while Vaiola was prepping the food for my beach birthday party (and really our farewell Fatumu party). I bent down to put something in my backpack, and suddenly Mark and Mandy are both gasping.

There on a tray sit Shish Kabobs. I was overjoyed. Vaiola was overjoyed. Mark and Mandy were overjoyed. Thank you magic portal.

The awesome thing is that not only did Vaiola have no idea kabobs were my favorite food, but she had also NEVER made them before! On a whim she bought the skewers today and decided to try something new. (she also bought me a dress for my birthday. It fit perfectly, and we were both thrilled that she happened to choose green-my favorite color! She said maybe God told her to choose green, so I suppose he also told her to make the kabobs. I believe in a God that, though I can't fathom why, delights in these tinny, trivial matters- so I'm with Vaiola!).

They were everything I dreamt they would be and more. In a world full of meat on bones, that boneless bite was a savored treasure. In a world full of boiled root crop, those grilled veggies were heaven. In a world full of just salt, that soy sauce marinade was priceless. Oh the tales I could tell of those few precious bites...these will have to suffice :

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  1. I'll have to remember about your favorite meal next time you're in Oklahoma!