Thursday, November 22, 2012

There's no place like home...

After approximately 5 and a half months...we aren't living out of a suitcase anymore! It feels sooo good to have arrived at this moment. We are home, for the next two years, home. We didn't die (or puke) during our 22 hour boat ride, our stuff didn't sink on the boat from Neiafu to Nuapapu, and we are (mostly) unpacked.

Our house is perfect for us and we are busy making it our own. Of course, there is a lot to figure the importance of taking clothes with you to the shower when you live on a school compound and the bathroom is a short jot away, or the importance of pumping enough water for not one but two showers, so ones spouse doesn't end up standing naked in a shower with no running water. We are working on figuring out lights and electricity and such, trash disposal is still blowing our minds, and we've pretty much already given up on the no bugs in the house hope.

Of course, it's hard to have all these exciting changes and not share them with you, our dear friends. Last night, after working in the house all day, I honestly burst into tears and said, "we're working so hard on making this a cute house, but we don't have any friends to invite over and be in it with us". (You are missed, so much, words don't do it justice.) Mark reassured me that we had only lived here 2 days and that, soon enough we would have friends. I'm sure he is right, but I retorted "not just friends, friends of my heart". one really knows what I mean when I say that, but you few out there, you are, and finding a friend like that is like finding a needle and a haystack.

Sooo, if anyone wants to visit, we have this really awesome floor space for you to lay on, and the most magnificent view you've ever laid eyes on!


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