Saturday, October 29, 2011


I have been vacationing from the blogging world for the last few weeks, and it sure is good to be back. I miss reading all of ya'lls thoughts and adventures. I miss finding myself and the joy of remembering as I attempt to capture my own thoughts and adventures. =)

I knew that the month of October was going to be crazy and busy, but boy howdy has it been!

At the beginning of the month we celebrated our 2 year anniversary at a fun-filled "Harvestival" with some friends of ours, and later, an intimate and romantical evening listening to the soulful stylings of our favorite band, "Over the Rhine". OTR live is seriously a holy experience. Somehow, I always find God, the music always touches my heart, my soul, and I'm moved to silent tears. Give a listen to "Undamned" if you haven't lately...such a well written sentiment.

The week following our anniversary, I faced quite the dilemma. At a banquet supporting Restoration Outreach Programs, one of the organizations our church partners with, I heard about a conference entitled "Multi-Ethnic Colorado". I looked it up, I read over the keynote speaker biographies, looked up all the seminars that were offered...decided that I really must attend. Unfortunately, the conference was 1. during my Friday work hours, and, 2. lasted late into Friday evening, during which I was supposed to be attending and chaperoning a middle school 80's themed dance.

I decided to go. =)

Perhaps later I will blog about the conference experience-both good and not so good, challenging and affirming. (and yes, "I can have it all"-I rushed to that middle school dance, changed outfits while in the car, danced one dance with my awesome hubby who helped make the whole night happen, and rushed back to the conference, literally running in while sliding off my leg warmers and pullimg my hair down from a fantastic side ponytail, just in time for the former prime minister of Ethiopia to share his testimony. Liz Lemon's got nothing on me. =) )

Later, Mark's step dad visited Denver and we had a really great time talking, catching up, laughing, walking in the rain, etc. Always good to see Jeff!

Last weekend, we spent three awesome days visiting our friends in Delta. I am ready to move there. =) Let me clarify...nothing about Delta is particularly great-it's a beautiful little town in fall, but as Mark said, we'd sure have a hard time finding friends who were similar to us. And....ya, he's probably right about that. Is it unfair to say it was a hick town? was a hick town. But I could live there, and love it, and learn my friends in ways I've only dreamt of. Perhaps one day.

Last night Mark and I attended his school's Harvet Festival. He was Ponyboy Curtis, and I was Cherry Valance. If you haven't read THe Outsiders then shame on you. =)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Maung Way says the darndest things...=)

Last week we talked on the phone.

"Your picture lives in my computer" he said.

Today he and Mark spoke on the phone-about the trip we are planning to take out there in a few weeks.

"Can we sleeping at your hosue?" Mark said. (we know he knows the word sleeping. the word sleep...not sure.)

"Hotels no good. No like hotels. You live with me", Maung Way said.

He makes my heart happy.