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From Denver to the Kingdom of Tonga. From the Kingdom of Tonga to Thailand.
(we're just following where God leads)

A few other things:

1. For six fantastic years we called Denver "home", but on Sept 2, 2012 we headed halfway across the world to live as PCV's in the Kingdom of Tonga. It was a beautiful, growing, challenging, life-giving, God-breathed, utterly changing experience. We wouldn't trade it for anything.

 2. On October 2, 2009, in the most beautiful church ever and surrounded by our very favorite people, we committed our lives to each other in an unforgettably perfect wedding ceremony.

3. Our college years were amazingly formative and fun. We are so thankful for the people who became apart of our lives-who shared our classes, apartments, professors, break-up, campaign, and eventual wedding. Thank you for blessing us.

4. There have been a number of people who have left marks on our life, but none so much as Maung Way, Thoo Myel Paw, YeYe Nwet, Soe Paw, and Saw AK. They are a refugee family from Burma that have changed the course of our hearts and lives. Ask us about them, they are our favorite thing to talk about.

5. Mark loves food: eating it, cooking it, talking about it, and watching videos about preparing it. When he's not doing any of those things, you can find him biking, playing his guitar, or teaching. He is an amazing teacher.

6. Alissa loves reading and writing. She reads just about anything she can get her hands on, and is almost always writing in her journal or on this blog. She also loves dancing around the house, exercising, and texting her family 24/7. She recently learned how to play the ukulele, and hopes to eventually master the sitar (the coolest instrument ever).

7. We are dedicated followers of Christ, and in all of our thoughts and actions we seek to love Him and further His Kingdom.

8. We are glad you're here.

Community is important to us, so we hope you'll be apart of ours. Thoughts/questions/ideas? We'd love to hear from you.

Email:  A: macooprider (at) gmail.com   M: mbcooprider (at) gmail.com
Skype: mcooprider

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