Thursday, August 4, 2016

Some thoughts about some of my thoughts

I feel like I've got a million things to say- so many stories and thoughts and prayers and updates that beg to be written. And I'll have time, I'm sure (I hope) this next year to begin the discipline of writing it all out.

I am hopeful that this new year will bring with it a routine that may be a bit more balanced for me, maybe even a little healing.

And so... with my free few minutes while baby sleeps (not on mama, gasp!) I share with you the routines I'm aiming for in this season.

1. Exercise

These girls over at Tone It Up are where it's at. I a little bit love them and I absolutely love their workouts. I have never seen more change in my body than from incorporating their little workout videos in my daily life. I just did this workout and it has fast become one of my favs. =)

2. Bible Reading

While apart of me misses the old days of thumbing through my well-worn and written in bible (which is TOAST these days because it is leather and has not done well in Tonga and Thailand new bible just doesn't have the same feel to it, ya know? Change is hard.) the reality is I do much better doing something online. So, I'm currently checking out Thumbs up so far!

3. Reading, Reading

Every year ICS has a women's book club. Every year I download the book list, and sometimes even read a book or two...but I haven't made it to an actual meeting, quite a long time. But this year will be different since I am not working and fighting BKK traffic on Monday evenings. =) yay! So, current book club book, "The Expatriates" by Janice Y.K. Lee.

I'm also reading "Growing Strong Daughters" by Lisa Graham McMinn upon suggestion from a smart mama friend.

4. Baby Stuff

I don't know if it is a blessing or a curse to have the wealth of knowledge, opinions, and experiences that us mamas have now with the internet. Google has been both a life saver and a tear inducer ("my baby had a fever of 102 then died the next hour" I mean, really people? Why would you post that?!). Upon pregnancy I downloaded the Baby Center App, which gave me daily updates on my little nugget before her birth, and now gives me all kinds of info as she grows. I love it! From common milestones, play suggestions, common mama fears, etc. It's all there. I highly suggest the app/website:

Goals for this year...

1. Cooking

Mark is the cook in our house, though we don't cook much here. I'm hoping to teach myself how to make some dishes and cook something once a week.

2. Investing in friendships

I didn't do a great job of balancing my work with other parts of life these past two years. I could apologize for that (and sometimes I am sorry) and I could hem and haw about all sorts of stuff, but I'm working at giving grace to myself and being at peace with saying there are seasons in this life. And the last two years of my life the season was work. And now I am in a new season (that hopefully teaches me more about balance for any future seasons ;) and it's going to take a village to raise this little girl. =)

3. Writing

We will see...

4. Volunteering

I'm still trying to figure out the best way to stay involved with my kids. Do I pick a few I really like and invest in them? Do I pick a few that just really need...just need everything? Do I pick the single moms? The teenage moms? Do I reach out to some organizations and ask them their suggestions? Do I devote myself to english teaching? to livelihoods? to IDC? I just don't know yet and don't want to bite off more than I can chew. So... I'm waiting to invest long term in anything, while still keeping up with some of my clients, some of my old co-workers, and of course, IDC. Always IDC.

What are some of your routines, especially you mamas out there?