Tuesday, March 27, 2012

spring break is good for my soul. More to come...but for now I'm too busy playing!

Saturday, March 24, 2012


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Ah Leh Say

and with each comes a story. I'll take this life I've been given...I'd take it over any other, any day.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


One of the first things I noticed upon my arrival at Colorado Christian University, was the obscene amount of geese (and therefore geese excrement), that shared my campus.

Over the years I have developed an ever increasingly hardened heart towards these animals. Obnoxious, dirty, hazardous (every time I turn on Mariposa they are alllll nesting in the road, one would think they would scurry away as you approach, but no...they would rather dent your car/break through your window then move out of the way). Hate 'em.

Earlier this week I was grumpy. It had snowed (enough said), I was expecting an important piece of mail and had just been informed that it had not arrived, just...pissy day.  One of those days when you hate everyone, and you just know everyone hates you. You aren't moved to compassion or pity by anything, but instead look at a person (or child's) time of weakness to crush them, annihilate them. A day with no grace, no hope, no love, no laughter. A dark, weary day that I trudged through with an even wearier soul.

As I drove home and approached the bend in the road where my sworn enemies-geese- hang out, one particular goose caught my eye.

He was attempting to move to the side of the road, but was badly injured. He walked with a limp that somehow also caused his entire loooong goose neck to bend down to the ground.

My first thought was "At last! Triumph! Take that you, dumb goose!". But then I watched a little longer (as he was a particularly slow walker). He evoked compassion from me. He made my heart hurt a little bit. I felt compelled to stop, to make time, to mend. (I didn't do those things. I don't know how to do those things for a bird).

As I drove away I marvelled at my ability to feel, to be moved, for my heart to be touched.

I thought about who I am and who I want to be. I thought about the things I've experienced and the things I plan on experiencing. I thought about who God made me to be, and why. I thought about how it is he intends to use me.

I have always been a sensitive person. I have always been caring, compassionate, easily moved to mother/shepherd/lend a helping hand. I don't like days when I am not that girl. I don't like days when I am angry, mean, short-tempered, and gloomy in my soul. I don't like days when I only think of myself, only care about my needs being met. I don't think God likes it either. I think each day he hopes to use me to love on others. He wants to use me to help other people feel seen, heard, known, loved, important, worthy.

It is a high calling to be God's hands and feet. I feel that is my calling (or at least a part of it). Somedays it is purpose I feel I am lacking...and that, I think, is the devils biggest victory in my life. What I do matters, how I do it matters, why I do it matters, the attitude in which I do it matters.

God-to bring glory to you in the smallest of things, that is my prayer.

May the hurting catch my eye. May I be compelled to stop, make time, mend.


I have been extremely introspective of late. (most likely that is the cause of my lack of writing on here).

Some memories are sad. shameful. incredible. dubious. exciting. good.

Some moments bring such joy that my insides squish up, and it's as if I can't breathe or move because of the utter ecstasy of it all.

Some stories bring regret of what was, some bring envy of what was once.

All of this to say...I have stories that, I believe, are worth telling...at the very least so that I can remember them.


Yesterday I told my students that when I get wet, I turn into a mermaid.

I was hoping that one extremely curious boy might challenge my claim. He didn't.

However, one child did spill their entire milk carton, and whilst helping her clean it up, I made sure to let them know that liquids such as milk do not evoke mer appendages.

Said boy, though a little unsure about the validity of my claim, thought I was hilarious.

....exactly what I was going for.

Back in the Saddle/Spring

After taking a 21 day leave from the gym (in part due to lingering illnesses, and the other week due to complete lack of motivation), I am back at it!

Spring is in the air my dear friends. It brings with it a more cheery disposition (for me), renewed hope and energy, and the feeling that all is right in this world.

Mark and I rode our bikes to the gym today, ran a bit, rode them back, spread a blanket in the backyard and read and talked together...the windows are open, the last of the snow has melted away...yes. Spring, we welcome you with open arms.

Spring always comes just in time...and when it arrives, I find myself completely delighted with my lot in life-my bright blue cheerful home, my students that oftentimes feel like my children, my co-workers, my best friends and housemates...

"Spring, Spring, Spring"