Saturday, November 3, 2012

Why Tongas airport is better than your airport:

No silly restrictions regarding liquids and food and such to get through security, in fact no security at all! I never even had to take my shoes off, I carried shampoo and contact solution and watermelon and crackers and coffee all from my house straight to our plane. :)
It seems the airport people already know who we are, on our return trip we had no boarding pass and never showed ID or even said our names once.
I have heard tell of a current PCV that was running late once, and the pilot called him and told him they were holding the plane for him. Yes, thank you.
Some are planning to bring puppies and kittens on their next flight, we checked, it's allowed!

This was our plane from Tongatapu to Vava'u.
It held 16 people including the pilot.

That's the pilot there. :)

The seats were shag carpet, sometimes the peace corps life is so luxurious!
Wanna go on an even smaller airplane? This is the plane to the 'Euas:

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