Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hello, Vava'u!!

(the wharf)

(the airport)

We just got back from our short trip to Vava'u...we are soo excited that we will be living there for the next two years. Vava'u has this awesome "feel" about it, and, even though the city is really small, it is a happening little place. We met some locals, gawked at rich tourists, figured out the cheapest place to buy peanut butter (still gonna be about $20), and best of all....took the boat ride to our little island we will be living on. More on that later..

Our Denver friends will be happy to know that every Thursday at Cantina Bobs there is Trivia. ;) (the possibility of Mark or I ever making it to town on a Thursday night are slim to none...but we still think its awesome.)

There is also a library, a handful of yummy restaurants, a market, a hair salon, a pharmacy, a t-shirt store, and tons of little falekoloas-mostly Chinese, the occasional American. Please come visit-Vava'u is awesome!

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