Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Perfect Date

A perfect date..

   may or may not include...

~ a 12 mile bike ride

~hour long wanderings in (my favorite and) the biggest library around...

~ flipping through books that tell of magical places we may never visit, but really really cross my fingers, hope to visit oneday...and places maybe one day soon we will visit.

~seeing a fantastic movie in the theatre-with popcorn and everything!

~happy hour at mynt- (I had the usual, and so did he). And we talked about the future, and the past, and we laughed and bickered and people watched and enjoyed.

~a scrumptious dinner/dessert at Cheesecake Factory

~a slightly more wobbly bike ride (mynt will do that to you) to the light rail station

and hooome.

 I have a pretty awesome man. =)


It is my tendency to get a little grumpy at the end of a "break". May it be a weekend, Christmas vacation, summer vacation, it is tonight, the end of Spring Break.

But, instead of checking the clock every half hour lamenting the ever nearing time to  "work", I am choosing to be oh-so-very delighted with the fact that I GET breaks.

There are many things that I wouldn't have chosen about my current occupation, but the fact that I am on a student schedule is pretty stinkin' awesome.

 Just wanted to rub it in for all you people with "big girl/boy jobs" out there.

 (and, by the way, I had a fantastic week off).