Saturday, February 18, 2012

Girls will be Girls

So...I had a sleepover last night. (technically a ...sleep away? ) My first sleepover in...years.

Here are some facts:

    ~Pillow fights, planned or unplanned, happen.
    ~ Jumping on the bed may or may not be talked about/done.
    ~Pink Lemonade Vodka does the trick.
    ~Hot tubing is a must (even if it only lasts for 7 minutes)
   ~No matter what state of bikini readiness one is in, your girls will compliment your bikini body.Necessary.
    ~Elise still does, and I guess always will, talk in her sleep.
    ~I will always cry when I share my way around it.
    ~I will never watch the movie Bridesmaids while with my friends.
    ~ Boys will be talked about, laughed about, schemed about.
    ~Pasquinis and wine are necessary.
    ~Long past secrets and stories will be shared and laughed about.
    ~Future worries, fears, desires, plans...will be shared, laughed about, and maybe even cried over.
    ~ cat positions and bot-toms will somehow be good topics of conversation.
    ~ texts will cause erupting hoots and hollers and laughs and screams.
    ~ at every second you will expect to receive a phone call asking that your volume level is conscientious of other guests.

 Love me some girl time. Love my friends. Love how they've grown, and how they've grown me. Love that, no matter what life throws my way,there will always be these.  

Saturday, February 4, 2012


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