Saturday, November 27, 2010


Well...a little late (but worth the wait). ;)

1. I'm thankful for family. Yes the little one that is me and Mark (and our precious kits), and the little traditions and words and habits that make us a unit, but also in a much bigger sense, my extended family and the heritage I have inherited from them. A trip to TX couldn't have come at a better time, and I so enjoyed my brother's many trips into the old attic of my Meemaw's old house...we have a rich history, and I am happy to have learned more of it.

2. I'm thankful for my love, my best friend, my partner in...everything. I am so glad that I had a choice in who I got to share my life with, and that he is a man I love, respect, and adore.

3. I am thanful for music. For trumpet solos at military funerals, caroling with friends, the soulful stylings of Over the Rhine and Steven Curtis Chapman Christmas, and singers for a father and a husband. =)

4. I am thankful for friends. The kind I have...the ones you laugh, cry, everything with. They're the best. =)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Snow Angel

"Once upon a winter, it seems so long ago, my one and only love and I fell down upon the snow. And as the dusk was falling from our gray and goose down sky, we heard the old cathedral bells ring out our lullaby..." Snow Angel-OTR

Usually by this time of the year I grumpily wake up in the morning (after hitting snooze 4 times), touch my sweet, unpainted toe to our beautiful wood floor, and curse the winters of Colorado.

But this year...there has yet to be an awe-inspiring, all-silencing, all-encompassing snow. I miss it, I need it, I want it. Surprising, I know. Quiet walks bundled with my babe, hikes to Snooze after a snow day, drinking tea and watching the huge flakes float softly to the ground...ahhh, it is time.

So, winter, no more wet, short, non-sticking, 30 minute snow storms. Let's get a doosy-a two days off of work kinda doosy. And soon? Before Christmas please.

waiting and dreaming...

Snow angel

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I have been getting better acquainted with a girl at school over the past few weeks. And knowing her, and communicating with her...changes me in small ways at every encounter and (I dream) may in big ways as our relationship grows. I admire her. And I hope with every encounter she rubs off a little more. She is such a blessing.

Last week I saw two kids get hit by a car. A kinder and 1st grader. Two little burmese brothers. And that had made me 1. a cautious driver. 2. a (n overly) cautious teacher during dismissal. 3. scared of crossing the street. and finally 4. worried for all involved parties. Just sharing.

Mark has started a new job. I am so thankful for this opportunity. We have been waiting and wishing and hoping and praying for what seems like forever, it is good to see God come through in this way. Of course with change comes minor (major) routine shifts that can often cause one (me) anxiety or grumpiness. =) Mark has so spoiled me these last few months, pray for me to pick up the slack and get used to a little less sleep...I can do it, I can do it, I can do it.

We have (FINALLY!) found our home...our church...our church home. Hope Community Church. It is a good place to be, and I am so happy to invest there.

Well, to sufjan and boxed inspiration


ps: I got an ukulele for my bday. And I am learning it splendidly. And I am carrying on a tradition. And I love it. =)