Thursday, November 29, 2012


Well, we have a cat. I didn't really want a cat, not yet anyways, but... Things happen and life gives you a cat.

Her name is Taika. And by her, we could, as typical of Mark and I (remember Theresa, our male cat?), mean him....we really aren't too sure. She was previously living with a Peace Corps volunteer from Group 76, 'Ofa. Mandy moved into Ofa's house and along with the house, inherited the cat. Come to find out, Mandy is allergic to cats...

So Mandy called us up one day last week and asked if we would take the cat. Mark, of course, was rearing to go...never mind that we've barely figured out how to live in this house, he's already ready to teach something else how to live here...Oh Ma'ake!

I said no, and convinced Mark no was the best answer. But then, the very next day, we noticed a large bite in one of our mangoes,and then some suspicious little brown terds, and then, to top it all off, we saw that our brand new, incredibly awesome, only available to buy in Tongatapu, loaf pan (nowhere to buy bread on our island), had been eaten!!!


I quickly changed my tune. Who cares that we don't know how to keep the cat out when we want it out, or don't know what all it's going to eat, we do not want mice!

You see that box? Remember how we live a good hour and a half boat ride from the main island? Ya, that's the box Mandy rigged up for Taika. It's sitting on the top of the boat. Please try and grasp the hilarity of this situation!

We are traveling across the ocean with a Benadryl-drugged, yet still howling and clawing cat. Believe you me, this was not something our fellow boat riders understood.

All that to say, we have a cat. (and we already love, him?)


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