Sunday, November 4, 2012

Old MacDonald

Some days I would swear that Fatumu is the current site for some sort of kids movie about animals. There are dogs, puppies, cows (cows in a field of palm trees always seems wrong to me), horses, cats, kittens, hens, chicks, roosters aplenty, and more pigs than you can imagine.

One day while Mark, Mandy and I (or MAM) were waking to class, a horse ran in front of us...dragging a rope tied to a small tree. A few weeks prior to that, the same horse ran by followed by a group of kids running after it. Clearly the horse would be the cantankerous character in the movie.

Every morning, or most at least, MAM goes on a run. And every morning, a huge cow moos as we run past on our way to town. Without fail Mandy says "Jurassic Park". It is hilarious and I will miss it when it's gone. (it sounds and looks so much like Jurassic would die.)

What do you do after you drink a green coconut? Give it to these guys...

All spare food during language class went to this guy:

The other night before dinner our host father asked us if we wanted to come see a pig. Mark and I both assumed a roasting one, but said sure nonetheless. This was waiting for us:

One of our pigs had babies! There are seven and they are adorable!

What pet will be in our future? Cat, dog, chicken, pig?