Thursday, November 22, 2012

I live here

There's a form we are required to fill out shortly after arrival to site. A kind of worst case scenario we need to make contact with you/find you kind of form.

I filled mine out earlier today, and was reading aloud my answers to Mark. Sometimes when you read things aloud, they just finally hit you, ya know. I got a good chuckle out of this:

To your site by car: Describe how a person in a private vehicle can find your house. Assume that they have never been to your site, and that it is nighttime.

My answer:
There are no roads in Nuapapu. Get out of the boat. If your back is to the ocean, walk left into the 'uta (bush) up the steep path. Follow the path for about 10 minutes. Climb over pig fence. After the pig fence, there is a house slightly to the right. Walk in front of that house and follow the path to the alleyway. The school is on the left. Climb over pig fence. We are the house on the right.

Awesome, yeah?


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