Saturday, November 3, 2012

Our very own house!

We loooove our house! It was a classroom that was converted into a house just for us.

This is our kitchen. Why yes, that is a blackboard. We are stoked about it! During christmas time Mandy will draw snowflakes and mountains and snowmen and christmas trees-it will be glorious! The table and four chairs were provided by the village, we love them too!

This is our bedroom. It is perfect, we love it!

The "living room", the "kitchen" is on the left.

This is the left side of the living room. The above picture is the right side. Our house feels huge to us! The windows in our house. Blessed windows bring wonderful breezes!

This is our porch. We are on the school compound, literally right next door to the school, so... It's pretty likely that kids peeking through the windows and clustering around our door will be a pretty common occurrence. (bananas are yummy!)

The door on the right is our toilet, the door in the middle is our shower, and the door on the left was locked. The two things on either side of the bathroom are our water tanks.

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