Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We Made It!

Ya know that part on 101 Dalmations when the dogs want to contact Scotland Yard and begin barking messages to each other? Yep...roosters do it too, so it seems. There is one very near our window this morning who has crowed his voice quite hoarse in his attempt to let all the other roosters know it is morning time. After he crows a half dozen more or so will reply, and then for the next 30 seconds there are continual crows happening further away. Then, back to our friend, who sounds as if he is perched right outside our window. I guess he is the commander of all things morning. Really, no sarcasm at all, it is nice to wake up to (though I may wear earplugs tomorrow).

We made it to Tonga! Our flight landed Tuesday morning around 11:00, and we were greeted incredibly by the current peace corps volunteers and staff. We love our team, and our anxious to get going on this whole thing-there is so much to learn!

Love to you all and more later!

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