Friday, September 28, 2012

Tongan Things That Make me Smile

The common sight of pigs and piglets crossing the road in mama-duck-and-duckling fashion.

The fact that it's a surprise when a car does not stop and offer us a ride when we are walking between villages.

Being greeted, usually by name, by every Tongan villager we wander by.

Our host family's grandma laughing hysterically at literally every Tongan word that comes out of our mouths.

The funniest Tongan words I've learned so far: (I apologize for the mild crudeness of some, but you've got to admit they're funny...)

"Hipi" (pronounced hee pee) refers to having long hair
"Fakapikopiko" means lazy
"Tisikou" (pronunced tee see koh) means to dance (or disco)
"Puke" (pronounced poo keh) refers to being sick
"Lele" means run, and "Fakalele" means having the runs.
"Huhu" (pronounced hoo hoo) means fork, injection, or breast. So, if you ask for a huhu at the dinner table and use the wrong pronoun, you're in for quite the embarrassment.

And...getting to wear a skirt every day is pretty great. (see picture below)

- Mark

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