Friday, September 28, 2012

Our house, our perspective

The street in front of our house. And Sione's tractor. Sione also works in the uta, or bush. One day we will post about all the things that grow here...there are a lot!

The garage/kitchen/where Louisa and Ngaki sleep

Our living situation is rather unique. We live in a very American type of house, and sometimes one of our brothers sleeps in our house too, but otherwise no one sleeps/uses the entire house. There is a kitchen and living room inside the house, but instead of gathering in the living room/cooking in the kitchen, the garage has been turned into a multi-purpose room.

All our meals are prepared, cooked, and eaten in the garage. The right side of the garage is lined with a stove and lots of tables used as "cabinets" and a "pantry", and a makeshift bucket sink system.

The left side of the garage has a sewing machine, an ironing board, and a bed where Ngaki (our grandma) and Louisa sleep.

Louisa on her and Ngaki's bed.

To the right of our house is the house that Vaiola and Sione sleep in. We haven't been inside their house yet, but we have used this washing machine to do our laundry.

This is our bed! We are super lucky to have an actual bed and a room with a dresser in it. We call our place the Ritz Carlton.

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