Friday, September 28, 2012

Group 77

Introducing Tonga Group 77!

Tynesha is from Ca and just celebrated her 29th birthday.

Ryan and Abby are the only other married couple on our team, and crazily enough, are also from Colorado. :)

Wren has seen The Court Jester and has Harry Potter UNO cards....need I say more? Instant connection!

Chiara is the baby of the group at 22, but incredibly cool, AND she speaks Indonesian, Italian, and ...soon Tongan.

Joey is from Paso Robles and is most likely to be found in his classroom wearing his tupenu as a cape (instead of a skirt).

Steph was brave enough to bring her bike to Tonga-we are jealous!

Katy is actually the first person I connected with from group 77-she knows everything there is to know about Peace Corps, seriously, it is insane!

Peter is the funniest person in our group, but only mark and I have figured that out. Odd connection to Chiara, he speaks Indonesian too!

Jeff is the "papa" of the group-oldest at 31. Our group ranges in age from 22-31.

Micheal draws whales really well.

Harrison has been to six of the seven continents.

Me and Mandi. Mandi is super creative and most of these pictures are hers...which is probably why I don't have a pic of her by herself. She is also from Colorado, and reminiscing about different Denver restaurants with her is a favorite past time. Mandi is the only other PCV living in Fatumu with Mark and I. We love her!

Who is that hottie with a nub of a ponytail?!

Group 77- bonded for life, already!


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