Friday, September 28, 2012

False alarm, but still-alarmed!

Upon our arrival at home stay we were given a water filtration system. It is said to be the best water filtration system there is.

Upon our arrival in Tonga, at least once a week, or sometimes more, we are told about the various things that could kill or greatly hurt, or incredibly sicken us.

One such health talk included all the possible worms in the entire world that one could ingest/that could burrow into your skin or eye or any other horrific place.

So of course, when we went to refill our water filtration system last night, we were greatly alarmed to see a handful of black, eyelash sized squigglies swimming all around in our pre-filtered water. Immediately we guessed they were hook worms, and sent out a number of texts to ask other volunteers if they had them too. The result: volunteer-wide panic. The next day our wonderful PCMO (peace corps medical officer) informed us that they were just mosquito larvae.

We are relieved, but remain disgusted.

(moms and dads, this is in our PRE-filtered water, not our perfectly clean filtered water) :)


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