Friday, September 14, 2012


So much happens every is so difficult to know what to share!

Our host family is wonderful! Our host tamai (father) Sione, and fa'e (mother) Viola, are so gracious and wonderful! We are treated like one of their own and are spoiled and loved on everyday. Sione and Viola are exactly my mom and dad's age, so we are a perfect fit. Sione is the town officer and acts as a combination of a mayor and policeman in Fatumu. Viola works at the Ministry of Commerce, and speaks English really well. She preached during the second Sunday service today-we told her she did great but we really had no idea what she said. We DO know that she introduced us and Mandi (another PCV in Fatumu) and asked the congregation to help us learn Tongan. That's pretty cool.

Our host tokouas (brothers) Muli and Maile, and our host tuofefine (sister) seem to think we are a little funny and aren't quite sure what to do with us yet. They are 20, 17, and 14. We like them alot. =)

Our first night in Fatumu was a little rough; I got sick and have had a sensitive stomach ever since...definitely not desirable.

Our house here is great-we have running water, electricity, puakas (pigs), kuli e ua (two dogs), and a pusi (kitty).

When it gets quiet outside we can hear the tahi (ocean) and the sound of the choir practicing. There is nothing quite like Tongans singing.

Nofo a,


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