Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday Reflections

On...Monday I got really full of myself and my running abilities. I vetoed my normal 5.5 speed of running and pushed myself at 8.0. Still feeling it when I walk up and down the stairs....dang!

Today Mark signed my name Alissa Richards. I cried. Crazy, much?

On Thursday I woke up desperately sick. I peeled myself off of my bed, threw on a sweatshirt, pulled my uncombed hair into a ponytail and got in my car. My car didn't start. Utterly defeated I cried my way back inside, poured out my mug of coffee, and got back in bed. (yes, Nick heard me "whimpering").

Tomorrow I leave with my love for a special overnight getaway. It was my Christmas present...a surprise getaway. Very Excited, very needed..

There is a movie entitled "The Lady" coming out in (select?) theatres in February. It's about Burma...and Aung  San Suu Kyi.  And I hope it awakens the world  (or at least us americans) to a conflict that is older than I am. Hopeful.

umm....Go Broncos?

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