Monday, January 30, 2012

the core.


A day in which it is necessary to end with a blackberry whiskey and coke.

This month...

 So many things hanging in the balance (my life, my car, my everything)

This year...

 The one that will separate the core. the corps. ha.

There's a group of friends I have...ones that walked through my "my hair was dark like my soul" days, my "spoon" days, that stood with me at my wedding (or at least danced joyfully during the reception), ones that have lived my entire adult life with me...

   and this year...we're disbanding, moving on, going our own ways.

Don't get me wrong...we still love each other, want to share life's just...Life is taking us to different places.

Ohhhh how I wish I could walk hand in hand with you to the place Life is taking you. and you. and you.

But I can't...cause Life is leading me a different place.

But...I'll hold your heart in my heart. And I'll love the place Life is taking you. And I'll love you.

And I won't be able to replace you, but new people will come...alongside me and alongside you.

But we'll always have a place in each other's hearts...we just will...we've all shared too much.

I guess today is a day of sorrow for what will no longer be...somewhere out there in the unforseen.


  1. Now I'm sad... You're going to make me cry. But the thing about the place in each others hearts? True for me, too.

  2. =) yes...but promising, and exciting.

    just a little sad sometimes...

  3. The sadness has been growing in my heart for awhile now... the thought of the Core no longer being a core. But it will always be so, which is why we're special, I think.

    All I can say is this, thank the LORD for EMAIL and SKYPE! :)