Thursday, January 19, 2012

the reason i don't play music on my drive home from work:

Things that I say regularly:

  "Please don't lay on me, I'm not a bed."
  "Why are your hands in my pocket?"
  "Thank you, but no kissing at school".
 "Oh, your face is touching my face"
 "Okay...let go, let go... of my (leg, hand, arm, waist, back, neck)."

Today...a certain child fell to her knees behind me and grabbed my buttocks. Why, I ask? Why...?

Today...I said hello to a certain child and she stuck her tongue out at me.

Today...a certain child saw the bus approaching and pushed himself against the gate with their arms wide open screaming at the top of their lungs. When the bus driver waved at him, he silently and slowly drew one finger across his neck. Yep....why?

Today...a certain Kindergartner sat with me on the bus. She wanted to tell me everything. "I can count to 100", she said, "1..2...3...  (Dear Lord have mercy I thought...)

Today we were coloring pictures of pigs (farm unit).
     me: here's our pig, here's the pigs curly tail, baby pis are called piglets. What animal are we coloring again?
  certain student: dog. a dog. dog dog dog.
  me: no, pig. say pig. Pig.
  certain student: dog
(a few minutes later)
  me: what sound does a pig make
  certain student: arf arf, bark bark, arf arf.
 me: (i surrender)

crying, tattling, nose picking, disobeying, defiance, inability to put on or take off coats/sweatshirts/gloves/hat, etc....oh boy.

ummm wine? yes please.

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  1. Because you want peace and quiet. I like silence too. Yapping middle school kids are loud!