Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Every morning I greet each child as they get off the bus.

I am waved to, smiled at, hugged tightly, said "hello" many children I have grown to love over the years.

However, no one, ever, in my AM class, never ever ever says"hello" to me...or hugs me. Or responds to me at all.

In fact, I bring this up about every day at breakfast. I pull up a seat, put my elbows on the table, and sigh heavily.

  "No one said good morning to me today," I'll say in a sad voice. Then, of course, everyone says, "ohh good morning, hello, hi, Miss Alissa, you are crazy!".

  There is one child in my class that is ESPECIALLY not a morning person. He stalks into the building, frowning, eyebrows crunched together. It takes him about 30 minutes before he's in a normal mood.

 But, without fail, every morning, I say "good morning *****". He silently storms by me.

But TODAY, oh blessed today! He was frowning, and he was silent...but right before he went inside he slipped me a hug. My first, from this child. (okay...that's a lie...the first one that I haven't stolen...the first that HE initiated).

 >>>>>Shortly after, his three year old brother came up to me and said, "you have a big chin", and walked away.

   You win some, you lose some.

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