Sunday, January 30, 2011

boo blah ickety ick kind of a week...

Hardest week in a long while....lots of changes at school. (change for one five year old is difficult, change for 32 5 year olds....god awful.)

I am super duper sick. And have been. For a very long time. And I miss going out, and hanging out with friends over blueberry waffles, or a drink, or at an ice skating, out I miss! I miss church and good connection time with new friends, I miss my hubby and the way we do life when I'm not lying in bed. I miss the gym and my hour long appointments with the treadmill, I miss the burn, the exhaustion and the delight. I miss a clean house, clean laundry, clean kit lit box. I miss being ahead on all our paperwork-my teaching app, taxes, bills, etc.

Not sure if you can tell, but I hate being sick.

But ...I will live. There is hope for tomorrow, light at the end of the tunnel. Mark did some laundry. I'll call in a sub once more. I'll write some letters to my long lost friends. I'll read some more of my fabulous book, and hey, gym or not I'm back in a size maybe this sickness will be good for something.

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