Thursday, June 6, 2013

Old news, new pictures

On the day the solar was turned on, the group of solar workers, along with a few Japanese supervisors (remember, the Japanese funded the project), came to finish up and celebrate with us all.

I heard singing all morning. It was coming from the wesleyan church hall near our house.I didn't think much of it, as there are usually kava circles there, however, I did notice how early it started, but chalked it up to solar celebration. (an aside: the singing at kava circles is outrageously beautiful. I love falling asleep to the sound of a dozen men on ukes, guitars, and one banjo drifting over me in my bed. There's nothing quite like it.)

When I started hearing the loud cackling which can only be attributed to a Tongan woman, I knew something was afoot. I hurried over to the hall and found the men like this:

And the women and children like this:


I wasn't sure what we were all waiting for, but as there was nothing else to do- I joined them. We sang and mocked each other. Sat listlessly and hissed at the dogs to get out of the hall (all must obey except our buster, he is king in N.)

Then I saw them coming.

All the youths with those poor Japanese men. They led them in and paraded them around the hall. All turned and an enclosed dance floor was created. Women were kissing these great sports-of-a-Japanese-men. The women were, literally, picking them up and carrying them around. It was a sight to behold. I watched gleefully-happy to not be the oddest man out for once. How can you not laugh?

When everyone was settled- thank you speeches were given, the lights were turned on, and gifts were given to these men.

It was a good day! :) (sorry the pictures are bad-the flash on our camera is broken).


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