Thursday, June 13, 2013


Malimali means SMILE!

There's a really cool organization here called the Malimali Program. They visit primary schools and teach the students the importance of brushing their teeth. Some of the other volunteers have Malimali volunteers/staff at their schools weekly, but we had yet to have them visit until last week.

They had extra staff with them this last week, and we're able to examine, clean, and seal the back teeth of all our students.

As our village is a bit of a hike from the wharf, my students carried the school benches down to the beach and we all set up shop there.

The kids were an interesting mix of excited, curious, and nervous.




My class one students also received shots. They didn't love it.

(I just love his hair-he is the quintessential boy in every way. I want one just like him).

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