Thursday, June 6, 2013


I'm moping about the house. Listening to Norah Jones, jonesin, badly, for a glass of red wine.

This weekend is a three day weekend. We'd planned to have everyone out here again. We were excited. I made snicker doodles.
We were going to head to town Friday morning.
We were going to buy onions and vegetables and oatmeal and rice- cause we're out.
We were going to buy an ice cold diet coke, because that's always important when you live without a refrigerator.
We were going to update our blog, and check our emails-touch base with the people we love and miss.
We were going to meet up with friends and they were going to ride back with us for the long weekend.
We were going to have lots of fun.


We live on an island.
And the weather is bad.
The wind is blowing and howling and creating fu'u hakohako weather to brave the seas in a tiny, old, wooden boat.
And I am very unhappy about my new weekend prospects. Which will look exactly the same as my weekday prospects. Which just isn't all that exciting.
Sometimes it's the little things.....

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