Thursday, June 13, 2013


Most of the women here usually spend their day weaving. Typically, they weave mats from pandanus leaves. The process for preparing the leaves is both time-consuming and difficult. Also, there are a number of different ways to prepare the leaves depending on what exactly you want to weave, and what color you would like the leaves to be. The women also weave fans, baskets, jewelry, and other handicrafts.

I have been wanting to learn how to weave a Tongan basket (to be honest, because it seemed the easiest to make, and arts and crafts really aren't my thing) so last week I went to one of the weaving circles and asked to be taught. (there are two public places in N that women gather to weave-the town hall, and the Wesleyan church hall).

The Tongan basket is woven from the leaves of a coconut tree. This basket isn't used as a decorative or "beautiful" item, but rather for work- usually to carry food home from the uta, or something like that. I had lots of help, but here's my basket (the leaves were green, but after a few days they dry out like this)

I'm pretty proud of it.

My lessons really paid off, because later in the week a bunch of people from the Mormon church came to fix up my co-workers house, which in some way or another involves weaving coconut leafs.

Everybody working hard

Finished product (I wove 5! :) )

I'm still not sure how exactly these will be added to Paea's house...more later! But here's a pic of his current house.

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