Friday, October 19, 2012


I eat somewhere between 5-12 cookies everyday. Except for days like today, when I only ate two...but I had cake for breakfast and lunch, so that evens it out.

Yes, I can still fit into my clothes.

I walk somewhere between 3-8 miles everyday. This is why I can still fit into my clothes, and the reason my feet are disgusting.

In Tonga, if you don't like something, you hiss like a cat. This is one aspect of integration that I wish Mark weren't so eager to pick up.

Every night after our host father has finished eating- he lifts his shirt up, up above his hoohoos, and rubs his belly. I find this uncomfortable, hilarious, and intriguing. ( it is actually against the law for men to have their shirt off in public...the real Tongan law. Crazy!)

Riddle me this....Though the Tongan female dress code requires covered shoulders and below the knee length skirts, Ngaaki (grandma), frequently performs her fakekaloa (store) duties/transactions while wearing only a towel.....

It is getting hot, it will get hotter. We are wet most of the time-our hands, faces, everything...a constant flow of sweat. Though I was surprised by how often I wore my fleece in our first month, I miss those days already...laying in bed, dripping...really sucks.

Earlier this week we went with Sione to pick up Vaiola from work. He decided it was beneath us to sit in the bed of his pick up truck, so he put two folding chairs in the back and we sat on them. I felt like the queen of Tonga on my pick up truck throne riding through town and bush, eating some ice cream, waving at the commoners. This is the life.

- Alissa

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