Friday, October 19, 2012

A Few Signs that Culture Shock is Wearing Off

At First: People here are so mean to dogs...I can't believe that some folks actually eat them regularly.
Now: When we walk through some parts of the village, I carry a big stick, just in case a group of dogs decides to turn on us. I can't say that I'd mind much if some of the nastier ones wound up on the dinner menu.

At First: The ants here are crazy...they can hunt down and immediately cover any sweet thing within their reach.
Now: If there are only a couple of ants in my sugar spoon, I'm totally fine stirring them right in to my tea. I've seen hundreds invade the sugar bowl.

At First: It's a struggle to formulate even one sentence in Tongan...
Now: When I talk to family on the phone, my gut reaction is to speak Tongan.

At First: Seeing a medium sized piglet being roasted over the fire makes me so sad...
Now: More crispy pig skin, please.

At First: I miss hot showers...
Now: Nothing feels better than a cold shower after our morning run.

At First: A new shirt into the laundry pile every day...
Now: I've only worn this one three times this week. It's definitely not smelly enough to wash yet.

At First: When you raise your eyebrows to say yes to me, I just think that you're confused...
Now: Why waste the effort to nod your head when a quick eyebrow raise will do just fine?

At First: It's a bummer living in the southern hemisphere when it's Fall in Colorado...
Now: Mango season is starting! Fiefia!

- Mark
(Alissa still isn't 100% ok with ants in her tea)

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