Friday, October 5, 2012


A lot of you have been asking about language class- how it's going, what we are learning, etc. (we love it when you guys have questions-keep 'em coming! You can email them to us, or comment on a blog post).

Mark would say that learning Tongan is his favorite thing right now. He is amazing at fact, we are both in wonder at his ability to understand and piece together language. He is definitely gifted linguistically. I am so proud, and oftentimes jealous. ;) He has gotten more than a few compliments, and has almost surpassed some people that have been here for two years... So, ya, when I say he is good, I mean that he is really good.

We have language class for three hours every morning. We have covered time, weather, directions, greetings, past/present/future tense, family, and a host of other grammar points. This coming Friday we have our first language test. It is really only practice for the big test we have at the end of training, but I'm a little nervous nonetheless!

Our host family can speak English really well, but for the most part they do an awesome job of speaking Tongan, and forcing us to do the same. What they say is true, language learning is faster and easier when you are completely surrounded by it. Already, some words come out quicker in tongan than English...what will we talk like in two years...probably a hot mess of Tonglish!


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