Thursday, September 29, 2011

walk it out

It began with a walk. Well, weekly one's really. Dark, gritty, busy, talkative, interruptive walks, often saddening and hilarious.

And once we started dating we kept it up. To that little park-Addenbrook (right ccu'ers). Long talks, hand holding, lots of tears, lots of laugh, escapes from chaplain kids and nosey roommates. Eventually we photographed our engagement pictures there.

That first year of marriage it was the walks that kept me sane. An escape, a time to reconnect, re-center ourselves in a busy life. Loved our silent "blizzard " walks, not even our feet crunching in the soft thick snow.

It's something I've missed this last year. We just haven't taken walks much. We did last night...well a walk/run. And it was nice, Belleview Park is nice. Kissing under the stars is nice.

Marriage advice-take walks together. =)

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