Tuesday, September 20, 2011

my girls

"Do you know what my favorite song is?"

ME: "Soe Paw, of course I know what your favorite song is." Dear girl, I know ALL your favorites. (Justin Biebs Eenie Meenie)

"Whoa! Look at that city!!!"

ME:"Oh Girls, that's not a city, that's a hospital."

"Is that where they hurt kids?"

ME:"Hurt kids? No...that's where kids who are already hurt or sick go, so they can feel better."

"I wish you were my mom".

ME: "I love you all so much, and you have the BEST mom that loves you the most."

"Justin Bieber died"

ME: "hmmmm, interesting. I'm not sure he did."

"Can we go to the puddles after ChuckECheese?"

ME: Nooo...remember how you get cold in the puddles (a creek at a park by our house) when it's really warm outside, well today it's cold and rainy, so I don't think you'd like the puddles."

"I want to work a store"

"I want to be a doctor...because I wanna help everybody...to not be died".

ME: quiet smile. =)

Gosh, they've grown up. I'll never forget their first day here. I was waiting in their apartment for my friends to bring them home from the airport. They stepped through the door and stood to the left of it, right against the wall. It seemed they were too overwhelmed to come in even a foot more. They carried two bags with them-all they had from their whole life. And the girls....haha, their hair cut so short I was convinced the paperwork was incorrect, and they were in fact boys. (I actually wondered their gender for multiple months, honest truth.)
There were sooo many car rides of ABSOLUTE silence.So much silence in general... Soe Paw didn't smile in my presence for 2 and a half years.

Wow how they've changed. They want to tell me everything, and they do. I love the way their minds work, love watching them try to piece together this world, American culture. I have an honored role in their lifes. It is I, not Mom or Dad, that can answer their questions about life here. Sometimes I worry, fret about the inability for their parents to fulfill typical parental roles in their new lifes here. But in the meantime, I do what I can.

My girls. Soe Paw and YeYe Nwet. Their cousins La Ku Paw, Eh Law, Eh Ler Soe, Eh Ler Say. The Boys. Saw A K, Eh Ta Ba, Eh Nar Do, Eh Dor Htoo, Eh Ka Tha.

So blessed to know these people.

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