Thursday, September 29, 2011

magic dress

There's this dress I have....a cute summer dress.
There's really nothing fancy about it-a sleeveless cream-colored dress with flowers on it..

Except. EXCEPT's magical.

Once upon a time I was dating a boy-a boy perfect for me (SPOILER ALERT:I eventually married him). And then I broke up with him. But then...maybe a week or one day later, I realized I had made the BIGGEST mistake of my life. So I started to scheme ways to "bump" into him...give us a chance to rekindle our love.

So...I put on my dress (at this point I was not aware of its magical-ness), curled my hair up all pretts...and planted myself daintily in front of La Plata to "do homework" (right at the time my lost love may or may not have had class).

And....sure enough, he had to walk right by me. And even though we hadn't spoken since the break up, he stopped (cause he's polite) and we made small talk. And then. oh THEN, the magic began to happen...he told me I looked pretty.

"you look pretty", he said.

And hope, what wondrous HOPE. My heart swelled (three sizes at least, the Grinch got nothing on me!) I am positive that as soon as he turned the corner I gathered my "homework" and ran to my apartment. The roomies had to know I still had a chance.

This dress..well, I can't be positive, but I'm pretty sure it's what sparked the "campaign" idea.

(And, I'll have all of you know, my dress is still magical, to this day. When I wear that dress, people hold elevators for me, open doors, smile, say hello. All is right in the world when I am in that dress. I use it's powers wisely and only break it out a few times a year....can't let the magic wear out of that baby!)

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