Monday, September 19, 2011


It all began a number of years ago. We both worked at SB, and one particularly slow night a conversation about Hoods was initiated by the one, and the other....had to engage.

And then shortly after, there was a realization that a certain STEPHEN KING had become something of a mystical creature, a god almost, in some circles. To us, added competition.

After these two occurrences we decided we really must hang out outside of Starbucks, must try and get to know each other a little better.

And...well. Her dad was a pastor, like mine. And, wasn't your mom a piano teacher like mine had been? And we'd both moved during our teen years. And we'd both had some hard times, and some dumb "boyfriends", and had needed a little extra help sometimes.

And we were both Global Studies majors, and both so passionate about some things we just might explode sometimes. And she'd broken up with a boy, and then dated him again in the hopes of marrying him (and that was my curent campaign).

And so...well, that was that. Friends, instantly.

And after the campaign was won, 2009 the Year of Marriage, was initiated.
And then there were the plans for the SWITCHEROO.
And then we got married a few weeks apart. We became neighbors. We each bought our first "babies". We threw Christmas parties, fought squirrels, walked through blizzards to get to Snooze....we did it all.

And then we joked...what if we moved in together?
And then we did do that....for 15 months now.
And now there are plans for 2014?5? year of babes!

AND....all that to say. I love my friend Beth! (and her husband Nick!). And I love coming home to people, eating dinner with friends, having traditions and jokes, games and words, conversations and laughs about all that we share in life right now.

And when the time comes that this part of our life is over...I will be truly sad not to live with our best friends. (even though sometimes sharing is hard).

And when the times comes...whether it's next year or 4 years or 20 years from now, that Mark and I are looking for an apartment here in the states...I know I will wish we could all be neighbors (and maybe even roommates) once more.

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