Tuesday, July 22, 2014

First Impressions

Where to start?

I’m not sure why I am finding it so hard to put into words the ins and outs of our new life here in Bangkok.

We are trying, rather unsuccessfully, to resist constant comparison of Thailand to Tonga.

                  …. But if I were to compare…I would say my first impression is that there are some extreme differences-Thailand is big where Tonga is small, fast-paced where Tonga was slow, slow, slow, and well-stocked with anything and everything under the sun (food, clothes, entertainment, etc) where Tonga offered canned meat and the occasional bunch of lettuce, and the night stars were the only reason to be up past 7pm.

However, as I spend more time talking with people who have lived here before….as I walk the streets and observe-I find there are so many similarities. A sweet evening hour when the streets are full with people talking, gossiping, eating, dancing….so reminiscent of our evenings spent in “loto kolo” on good ‘ol Nuapapu. To live, once more, in a monarchy, where the people love and respect their king in a way so different than us Americans with our president. To feel, so intensely, the importance of language learning. To enjoy the constant hellos and smiles-the acknowledgement of one’s presence that just doesn’t happen that often in the States.


There have been times of wonder- wonder of whys and whats and whos- why Bangkok, what, exactly, is going to fill my time, and who will be our community.

But there have been far more moments of revelation, purpose, connecting, and comfort.

I am happy we are here, and though my doubts may bubble up from time to time, they are quickly eased. I feel now it would take 100 years to know the ins and outs of this city, this country. I’m so excited to discover more.

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