Saturday, July 12, 2014


We have made it to Thailand!

Our first impressions have been truly wonderful. I think this second first week starting a new life in a new country has been much easier than our first, first week. =)

We have been greeted very warmly, have been taken care of incredibly, and of course, Mark is plowing away with his Thai studying.

We have learned that women cannot sit next to monks on planes, or elsewhere. (whoops!)

That it is not okay to stop a rolling coin with one’s foot (as the king’s face is on the coin).

That there are a lot (a lot a lot) of people here. A lot.

That malls can sometimes have at least 7 floors-with a water park on top.

We have been busy getting to know the teachers that are around (we are the first of the new teachers to arrive, and many of the “old” teachers are not back from their various vacations. ).

We have done a lot of shopping (which could not be a more opposite experience from Tonga).

We have tried some yummy Thai food, and eyed much more things we would like to try.


And all in all, we are getting settled in this new place. More to come, I’m sure!



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