Sunday, August 17, 2014

All of the Sudden

After all the worrying, anxiety, tears, and google searches

          I prayed to have a happier heart that would be content with loving well the people and schedule of this new life- even though I wasn't working with refugees and my days were mostly empty.

After letting go and digging in where I was placed

    I got offered a position at Jesuit Refugee Service as a caseworker for the Bangkok Child Protection program.
I feel incredibly blessed by this opportunity- clearly see God in this. And I am praying fervently (and you can pray too) that my clients will see God in me.
JRS is an organization that I couldn't be happier to align myself with. Their vision is to "accompany, serve, and advocate" for the rights of refugees and asylum seekers, and to serve the most vulnerable by, "go(ing) where no one else is working and serving the most forgotten".

I am loving this job so far. I have never been so happy to go to work. =)


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  1. We know you will bless others as you serve The Lord!