Wednesday, November 30, 2011

a poem

...that Mark wrote and included in the advent book. =)

O night which teemed with heaven's hymns
That spoke of prophecies fulfilled-
A newfound song was ushered in
Of peace on earth and of goodwill.

For years the earth had ached and yearned,
Awaiting God to speak and send
An answer to our prayers and turn
Our eyes and anxious cries to him.

So on that silent, holy night,
The world, unknowing, did receive
That promised source of true delight
That simply asks us to believe.

Unlike the keeper of the inn,
May we make room for Mary's son.
He knocks and longs to dwell within
Our hearts and make them with his, one.

O Christ, who in the manger lay,
We humbly make a lone request:
Be born within our hearts today
And to our weary souls bring rest.

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