Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Month of Thanksgiving

Purposeful, written out, proclamations of thanks. for a month. yes please.

Today I feel thankful...for mercies that are new everyday. for second chances, do-overs.

I'm thankful that I'm not a mother yet ( let me confess a secret, most days I am very much wishing that I WAS a mother right now.) But today, on the bus, one of my students grabbed my side ponytail and clung to it and pulled with all of his might, (because he was having a hard day, and I unfortunately had to sit with him). And instead of using it as an opportunity for a lesson, or a connecting moment, or any such thing...I turned to him and in my sternest voice said "DO NOT TOUCH ME". Poor guy. Oh, I know these things will happen-in my classroom as well as my home-but I want to be such an intentional parent...Anywho, thankful I have time to grow up a little more. =)

I'm thankful for my blue Karen shirt...with it's perfect, intricate details, and flying string everywhich way. Everytime I wear it it brings a smile to my face. =)

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