Wednesday, August 10, 2011

G is for Green Grass

...which we don't have, cause we decided to turn the sprinklers off about...a month ago, because we're cheap. =)

But what we do have is weeds. Forests of weeds that grow in our back (and now, front) yard-thick and tall and stubborn and strong.

So...I decided to mow on Monday. Mark and I try and switch off with the Elders, but they usually end up mowing more because....Mark and I hate it so much and will let the yard turn into a jungle before we do anything about it. Since that is not at all fair...Monday I decided to give it a go.

(i am still sore today, and unable to raise my arms above my head...)

Turns out, in case anyone was wondering, that I am still unable to turn a lawn mower on by myself. little arms are just too short and too weak to pull that string (which somehow got ripped in two, so mark tied it back together...who are we-ghetto). Nick had to come turn it on for me. And everytime it died (and believe you me, it died a number of times) I would attempt a time or 10...then sulk back to the house and ask Nick to turn it on for me. Lovely.

Also realized that I am not able to push the lawn mower by arm power alone. I let the handlebar lean against my torso so that my body is what's really pushing it.

That's so pathetic I thought everyone should know.

I told Mark that and he said "you do know it's a self-propelled mower, right".

It is, and always should be-a mans job to mow the lawn. Period.

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