Sunday, May 15, 2011


I don't know if I have ever told ya'll about my first college roommate.

I showed up at CCU halfway through the semester, blown in by a huge snow storm. I set up my half of the room-brown subdued colors, then left for the evening.

I returned to find my roommate's decor-neon pink, blue, green. Anime paintings of Elvis and others. I was intrigued.

Then we met. Carrie is the least pretentious person you will ever meet. She is who she is and proud of it. Although we are pretty different, we clicked instantly.

I remember the Elephant Graveyard and the suitcases. The coffee mugs. ooOOooOO Miss Alissa (staying up until 4 am buying songs with our names in them on itunes). I remember reading Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging aloud in british accents. I remember Newsies and sing alongs. I remember my alarm going off every ten minutes and carrie bearing it. I remember school dances, Black Eyed Pea dinners, crazy 21st birthday stories, ice cream stores, and easter bunny costumes. I remember "molecules" and insanely crazy drawings on notes we turned into theology professors. I remember "please refrain from using emoticons on formal papers", and the need to work rap lyrics into research papers (like "the United States of America was a Showstopper"-Showstopper-Danity Kane). I remember iming while in the same room...specifically things like "throw up", cause our online personas would then comply.

Those were all fun things. Fun-this is my college experience and I sure wouldn't trade it for anything experiences. But there were also a lot of hard times for me, and Carrie was there. Listened to my problems, offered advice, never judged. She was (and is) a great friend.

Soooo thanks Carrie. I loved living with you. And I loved hanging out with you at your engagement party. Your approach to life is enviable, and a good reminder to me. I am so happy for you-so happy you found a guy that is captivated by you. Congratulations.


  1. I concur Carrie is a wonderful person and an amazing friend! She and I have been blessed to have known each other since we were 5 years old! She's mentioned you fondly and I look forward to meeting you while Carrie prepares for her wedding day! (Also, sorry to be stalker-like - I saw the blog link on your Facebook page that I clicked on from Carrie's wedding page... :-) )

  2. yay- I can't wait to meet you!