Sunday, May 15, 2011


So, if you know me, you know my all time favorite band, without a doubt, is Over the Rhine. Music for the soul I tell you... On their latest album their is a song entitled "Only God Can Save Us Now", and I swear...the song is about my sister. Maybe not about her...but it definitely reminds me of her. And it always makes me cry, for two reasons.

First: My sister works in a nursing home. I can't imagine how difficult a job this is...for many reasons, including emotionally. To care, and love, and befriend people when they are physically and mentally deteriorating takes such a special heart. I am so proud of my sister for her ability to love and deal with her job in such a profound and professional way. I don't know that I have the strength to do such a job. I think God uses her in the lifes of forgotten people everyday. Awesome.

Second: Sometimes when we are young we get stripped of everything-our prestige, our talent, our security, our relationships. But, for alot of us,we don't and won't know what it means to be completely reliant on God, with nothing to show for ourselves, until we are older. I love the line "only God can Save us now" that when we have nothing left to show for ourselves, nothing really left to offer the world, that's when we finally see that God has been waiting all along to save, and love, and work through us.

Great song. Great sister. Great God. Amen.

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