Sunday, April 24, 2011

Giant Meat

A few years ago (back in my college days), I had the delightful experience of a global economics course with an especially interesting professor.

I had had other classes with this professor, and poor girl, there was always some sory of tragedy happening in her life. To say the very least, she was a tad unstable.

In this particular class, during a debate, our professor announced that nothing we said counted anymore. From that moment on, we were not allowed to speak an opinion, or argue a notion, without "quoting a giant". Well, to say the least this threw us for a loop. We looked back at our syllabus, we looked at one another, my dear friend Beth raised her objections and questions...but no, the debate was over. None of us had prepared "giant meat" so none of us were allowed to talk. (Giant meat-the bulk of your debate, the MEAT of it, should come from someone with at least a graduates degree-someone published and acknowledged as a professional in their field).

Well the talk of Giants, and giant meat, and eventually meat treats lasted all year, with the class expectations growing mroe absurd on an often daily basis. But, like it or not,this idea of "giant" has stuck with me.

When hanging out with a friend a few weeks ago, I left our time together thinking, she is a "giant" of the faith. And, she has been a "giant" in my life.

It is fun to think about the people who are "giants" in your own life-the people who have shaped and formed you, encouraged you, challenged you, the people you look up to.

Thank you Giants. You are the Meat Treats in my life. =)

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