Saturday, April 9, 2011

I was wrong

about Beth Moore, that is. I have gone through my entire adult life thinking she was ridiculous, and not possibly anyone I would ever enjoy.

And I was wrong.

I am doing a bible study with my church entitled "Psalms of Ascent". And yes, Beth Moore wrote it, and yep, I watch an hour long video of her speaking every week. And, surprise, I love it!

Ya, she's a little more girly than I. But she is also scholarly (much to my surprise), and honest, and genuine. And even though it seems that her and I live life pretty differently, what we can and do agree on, is that we want to live life honoring God. And let me tell you, she is doing a much better job of that than I, so I have put our differences aside, and have decided to learn from her, she is my big sister of the faith.

Last week she described an experience she had in South Africa, which reminded me of an experience that I have had in Ethiopia but forgotten about. She was able to spend time with some women in the various stages of health issues brought on by AIDS. They shared with her their stores-how they have come to be infected with AIDS, how their family and friends have reacted to them, and how they have managed to keep the faith. I too have sat with a group of women, who, in broken English, or kind translators, shared with me the exact same things. I was such a child then...unable to process all that I heard and witnessed on that trip. But I remember crying as they told me, and feeling ashamed of my tears, as they were so triumphant in their worship to God. I remember being humbled, and now, 6 years after that experience, I am humbled even more so. I am grateful that that memory was reminded to me for many reasons. And I am grateful that even in my young age, I have had many ...important and growing, and odd experiences.

God is (and has been) preparing me for a great work. When I look to the past I see that the Lord has done great things for me. As I look to the future I expect that the Lord will do great things for me. As I wait here, in the in-between times, I expect and trust that the Lord WILL do, has promised TO DO....great things.

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  1. I've heard Psalms is her best. And I had the same reaction to her-hated her references to shoes and was put to shame by her vitality with Scripture. :)